iFeet founded in 2003 locating in Richmond on Alexandra Road and until now it still remains on the same address. It was the first store opened by Taiwan’s Pastor Wu as a foot reflexology store and Foot reflex zone foot massage professional massage parlors, service date eleven years, the store has become another example of the industry shop learning and then, in order to achieve acomprehensive service, we hired a registered Chinese medicine practitioners in BC, and accept ICBC WCB, MSP(low income) and a variety of corporate Medicaid insurance. Also we have professional beauticians with 20 years of experience who can provide exquisite embroidery eyebrow tattoo eyeliner to moles and facial cleansing beauty care.

iFeet abundance technicians are from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and have abundant medical background of excellent technicians, service projects include: the body meridian massage, oil pressure, lymph drainage, painful disease treatment and scrapping, per cutem body care, etc.

Good price good technique to do in iFeet, after many years, faced with GVRD Massage Health Center was established mushroomed, iFeet Still always uphold the level of prices with love, enthusiasm and positive attitude treatment services to each guest, and provide the best technical service to resolve guest problems faced by the body aches, health and happiness for every guest checks.

In a clean and comfortable environment, you will feel absolutely relaxed with our hospitality. And to ensure that all guest towels, linens, and equipment are sterilized at high temperatures. We provide free internet and a large number of parking.

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