Integrity Profession Superior quality Favorable

10 years old technology guarantee

iFeet abundance health and beauty centre was founded in 2003, offering a wide variety of services including foot reflexology, body massage, refers to the pressure, oil pressure, acupuncture, pedicure, beauty many more, so you busy at work, let you of the body and mind can relax.

Good technology, good price, happiness, all in iFeet

iFeet abundance health massage centre, ten years, the professional services team, from the China, Hong Kong and Taiwan excellent technicians are rich in medicine health care knowledge and practical experience, in the clean and comfortable environment, you can enjoy private space, good service and affordable prices.

BC province registered doctors accept the ICBC, enterprise medical insurance, MSP (low-income medicare)

Welcome enterprises, students, groups, groups of five or more people enjoy discounts, for details, please contact the electricity.

Business: 7 days Monday to Sunday 10 am to 11 PM
Booking telephone: 604-782-2613
Address: strong Richmond center of Venice #1000-8580, Alexandra Road Richmond biggest fierce Richmond Venice
Carry large free parking and free Internet access!

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