Foot Massage Area

Comfortable foot massage area, have VIP single room and double room. There are four people in group rooms and six people, respectively is equipped with adjustable delicate leather sofa chair and provide a variety of popular books and newspapers magazines 10 for you to read at any time

A Single Foot Massage Room

Clean and comfortable personal space, equipped with comfortable leather sofa and senior massages bed, electric blanket, room independently without interfering with each other, let your body mind can relax

Double Family Massage Room

Massage room, comfortable and spacious family, couples provide 2-4 people together full body massage, can let you and your family members or friends together to share the fun of full body massage

Acupuncture Room

BC province registered doctors accept the ICBC, WCB, MSP low-income and all kinds of medical insurance companies

Beauty Room

Years of professional eyebrow eyeliner, whitening, beauty services have good luck pox-eliminated maintenance service uses the advanced maintenance lines as you create a beautiful life

Reception Area

Reception area, equipped with all kinds of newspapers and magazines provide access

Linen Washing Services

The spa environment clean and comfortable, and in-store adoption of towel sheet after every guest with finish by the high-temperature sterilization double disinfection to reassure every guest can use

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